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Medical Treatments

Scar and Skin Graft Camouflage

Hypo-chromic scars and skin grafts can be effectively camouflaged long-term by the implantation of carefully selected skin tone pigments to obtain a colour match that diminishes the appearance of the scar or graft.

Cleft Lip Restoration

Micro-pigmentation can improve the appearance of a cleft lip by using pigments that mimic the natural lip colour in order to recreate the cupid’s bow and achieve a symmetrical shape.

Vitiligo Re-pigmentation

Vitiligo that has been in remission for one year can be successfully re-pigmented using specialised techniques that insert several shades of pigment into the hypo-pigmented area to mimic the tonal variance of normal skin

Areola and Nipple Restoration

As part of the breast reconstruction process following Mastectomy the areola and nipple complex can be restored using specialist medical micro-pigmentation.

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