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Scar and Skin Graft Camouflage

Hypo-chromic scars and skin grafts can be effectively camouflaged long-term by the implantation of carefully selected skin tone pigments to obtain a colour match that diminishes the appearance of the scar or graft.

Light coloured scars can be camouflaged long term using medical tattooing treatments, during which skin coloured pigments are infused into the scar tissue to minimise its appearance. Medical tattooing is suitable for camouflaging scars on people of all nationalities.

The ideal scars to be treated are:

Minimally 1 year old
Paler than the surrounding skin
Not noticeably raised or sunken
Have a smooth texture
Consultations are recommended if you are unsure whether the scaring in question can be treated. It’s important that medical tattooing is carried out when the skin is not tanned, the success of the treatment is dependent on the correct ‘prescriptive’ skin-tone pigments being blended to achieve a look that ‘merges’ into the natural skin colour.

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