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Eyeliner Contours

This treatment is ideal for the sporty types, or people with small eyes who are looking for more definition and shape. Alopecia patients may benefit as the illusion of lashes can be created and people with poor vision will no longer have to endure the hardship of applying make-up every day.

Using a wide selection of colours and techniques Essjay can dress the window to your soul and tailor the look for each individual.

No more piggy eyes Leaving the house without your eyes made up is something that most women will never do. Women tell me every day that their eyes look ‘piggy’ like without their daily application of mascara and eyeliner. Imagine the convenience of having your eyes framed with permanent eyeliner. You can naturally enhance your eyes to create fuller lashes and youthful, larger looking eyes every day. No more piggy eyes in the morning.

Are you sporty type? For all the sporty and fitness fanatics out there, a tattooed eye enhancement will give you the confidence that during your strict fitness regime your eyes will be looking their best. As you all know during sweating, swimming and constant watery eyes there is very little chance your eye makeup will stay in place, so what’s the point in trying. Semi-permanent eyeliner can keep you looking your best all day every day.

Do your eyes feel lost behind those glasses? Applying eye makeup with poor vision is a chore in itself and is very difficult to get correct. Women find lost behind there glasses and would love for their eyes to appear wider and more intense. This look is virtually impossible to create at home whilst wearing glasses. Why don’t you leave it to the expert, I can create that intensity you crave and make your eyes be seen again.

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