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Lip Contours

Beautiful lips, enhanced in shape with a permanent colour, lip contour and blush are ideal for clients who have lost colour or shape through the aging process. This will give you subtle or dramatic fullness either in a soft blush of colour or a full lip tint that can be enhanced by applying clear lip gloss. This procedure is ideal for people with an active lifestyle who don’t want the hassle of applying make-up and for those wanting to correct asymmetric lip contours.

"My lips have got thinner"

Losing the definition and fullness of your lips is very common during the ageing process. What most people don’t understand is that you will lose the colour of the lips and the lip contour before you lose the fullness. With subtle colour selection and advanced pigment replacement techniques you can get that fullness and definition back.

"The trout pout fear"

Injectable lip treatments are a very popular advance aesthetic procedure; however there is the risk of a ‘Trout pout’. With permanent cosmetics you can define your lip contours and creating a subtle blend that can give your lips the fullness you need. I would always recommended permanent cosmetics for the lips before you have any injectables. You will be amazed of how much young and fuller your lips can look with this highly skilled technique.

“I love my lips”

If you are one of those lucky lucky ladies like Angelina Jolie and have fabulous kissable lips already your probably thinking this is not for you, Think again. I can work with what you already have and give you a permanent colour, from subtle lip tones to more intense lip colour the choice is yours. All you would have to do is apply a clear gloss or lip balm to make the colour pop, no more bleeding, no more smudging and no more lips stick on your teeth. Beautiful.

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