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Doncaster 20’s

I was one of Essjay’s original models for the eyeliner treatment whilst qualifying. She has always been very professional and is a real perfectionist. I have since had my eyebrows done and I am extremely impressed. It has completely changed the shape of my face for the better. Thank you Essjay i have now become a Permanent Cosmetics girl. I love it!


Doncaster 60’s

Permanent Eyebrow Treatment – Wonderful! Wow I cannot believe my luck to find someone who cares puts 200% in to everything and takes the time to listen and give the client everything she wants. Essjay cannot be praised enough for her devotion to work and her obvious enjoyment is so refreshing in today’s world of complex beauty treatments. I suddenly have natural looking eyebrows, and at my age I’m simple thrilled. Thanks you so very much Essjay for enjoying perfection


Doncaster 40’s

After suffering with alopecia and the consequent loss of eyebrows for a couple of years I heard about permanent cosmetic treatment when I visited the Enlighten Support Group at D.R.I. I decided to go ahead and have tattooed eyebrows and am delighted with the results. After the initial and follow up treatments which both went exceedingly well, my eyebrows look great and give me increased confidence. Essjay was very professional and friendly and I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having similar cosmetic treatment. Thanks Essjay


West Yorkshire 30’s

I want to thank you Essjay for giving me perfect eyebrows. I’ve wanted this for so long and after carefully choosing the right person to do them, all I can say is I have chosen pretty damn well! All my friends and family keep popping round to see them (you’d think id had a new baby! lol), and they love them too. You are so talented in your skilled trade and I will always recommend you to others. It’s a pleasure to know you, thanks once again. I LOVE MY BROWS!


South Yorkshire 20’s

As a male battling Alopecia Universalis I have no eyebrows and eyelashes. After receiving various treatments for several years to no avail, I finally decided to opt for something different – semi-permanent make up. After doing extensive research it took me almost a year to decide whether to get this treatment done or not as to me it looked more for females. I was wrong on that as this procedure is for any one, every person’s requirements are different and can be discussed beforehand - You can shape the eyebrows however you want them to be. The change since having semi-permanent eyebrows & eyeliner is huge. The happiness I felt after the procedure was unexplainable. I now have so much confidence and can live my life without worry. I would highly recommend other men to step forward & give this a go..! It’s definitely a life changer - the results look so real and unnoticeable. I have been joyful ever since I went ahead with this treatment and should have done it a lot sooner - I enjoy taking photos so much more now! Essjay really is a true perfectionist and takes a lot of time and care in doing an expert job. She goes that extra mile to make sure you are happy when you leave that clinic - Thank you so much Essjay! They say you are the best in the field and now I know why.


Keighley 40’s

I went from no eyebrows to fantastic eyebrows that enhance my make up and make me look younger. I can’t wait to have my lips done next!!


Keighley 40s

I love the way my eyebrows enhance my eyes, which have always been a lacking feature of my face, and I always like to face the world fully made up!! Having worked in hospitals over the years, I was also impressed with the high standards of every aspect of the care we received and neither Helen nor I had any problems whatsoever. We would definitely recommend Essjay to everyone interested in her skills!


Leeds 50’s

I am 54 and have had alopecia since the age of 12 so grew to accept myself with no hair. Then about 3 years ago, following a trauma, I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes. I was more devastated about that than losing my hair. I spent a year or so trying to pencil them in which was time consuming to say the least. Then I heard about Essjay, through a self help group at Pontefract Hospital, and discovered that I could have my eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed on. I went ahead with it and I have never looked back. It didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I thought it would and I no longer have to mess about with pencils. I will definitely go back for them re-touching. I have heard of and seen the results of people who have had this done by others in this field but I would recommend Essjay as I think she is understanding, patient and very professional.


Doncaster 20’s

I’ve always loved my eyes but felt that I wanted them to stand out more; I loved the look I got immediately after an eyelash tint. After speaking to Essjay she said that she could create a really subtle line through my top lashes in black, this would make my eye wider looking and create some depth. She also suggested a subtle liner through the bottom in a grey tone to complement my blue eyes. After a few days healing the results where amazing, exactly want I wanted.


Doncaster 50’s

After attending a demonstration evening by Essjay Permanent Cosmetics I was very impressed and booked an appointment for the following week. Essjay was brilliant, very thorough and I felt I had complete confidence to have the procedure done. My eyebrows are brilliant and I would recommend anyone to have the treatment done by Essjay.



My experience with Essjay was more than I expected, very professional and super excited and happy with the results, I love my eyebrows. Xx

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